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Here goes...
The sardonic rant-esque humour of Marcus Brigstocke as heard on Radio 4's "Now Show" encouraged me that I too should have my opportunity to rant - to "get the blog out of here", if you will. Grin

I used to be forever telling my shower head what I thought of Tony Bliar or ranting on to the washing up while listening to current affairs programmes broadcast on the wireless by the Home Service.
I watch the telly or listen to the radio, feeling outrage and shire counties-esque horror at the various, vapid offerings, and I often want to respond in some way and offer another perspective.

I'd like to make a difference, and I know that really I can't. Will anyone be interested to read my views if they do stumble across this blog? Well, you're here. You might as well get stuck in and add your comments. This blogging website lets you add your views. Please, please don't bother, if you're essentially spamming or mischief-making. Such attempts will be deleted, and I'll come round with a cricket bat.
I can't spout off as acidly as that Brigstocke bloke, but I definitely want to rant and rail at the idiocy of everyday life.
Oh, I lied about he cricket bat, but not about deleting the spam posts... so you can waste my time, but you'll be wasting yours, too.
James Collett

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