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Saturday, 9 Jun 2018

Steve Hackett as guest of another band playing a tribute to Genesis... Pucker up...!

Saturday, 7 Apr 2018

My immediate reflexion of the Xbox experience is that it is a cheap money-grubbing operation.

I bought my son an Xbox One for his birthday. We are trying to set it up and it throws up a dumb "gamertag" by default. We did not choose it. My understanding - from other gamer types - is that this can be changed once for no charge, but, oh no! - Microsoft want $9.99 to do this. It turns out that because my son had a OneDrive account already for some time - for his use of the family PC - that means his option to change the Xbox gamertag expired. According to the Filipino lady on the phone at Xbox Support there was a 30 day time limit. He's never had an Xbox, so the pre-existence of an Xbox game-playing name would have been a mystery to us.

How is that for a stealth charge?

Xbox...? More like Xbucks.

Friday, 16 Feb 2018

This has me laughing. Because it’s all true.

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

I actually did a module on the programming language ML during my Comp Sci Masters. It was tough-going. I witnessed several of my fellow students’ heads exploding while trying to complete the ML assignment.

Thursday, 25 Jan 2018

Lt Columbo Roasts Frank Sinatra

I found this the other evening, while exploring the side-streets of YouTube. I cannot remember quite how, but I am delighted to have run across this footage of Peter Faulk let loose on Hollywood Great and the Good.


Saturday, 23 Sep 2017

I have just discovered this particular track. Here is Allan Holdsworth doing that thing he did with guitar - you know, redefining how it sounds.

Here's the full track:- Beacon